Face describes the beauty. Every individual aims to look beautiful, it is now possible with the advanced cosmetic treatment to enhance the facial features. Facial surgery has now become the most common surgery performed, this includes more women as compared to men.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on facial like Rhinoplasty, chin surgery, eyebrow reshaping, treating wrinkles etc.

A facelift is the most comprehensive approach to treating facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. The surgery varies in range from minimally invasive ‘lunchtime lifts’ to more extensive, sophisticated surgery.
A facelift removes excess skin, tightens underlying tissues and muscle and redrapes skin on the face and neck. It can correct midface sagging, marionette lines, jowls and a double chin, maintaining its reputation as the ‘gold standard’ for facial rejuvenation.

  • If you feel that your face does not reflect your youthful spirit and energy level
  • If you determine that your facial sagging and excess skin is a social or career obstacle
  • If you show signs of facial aging but still have some skin elasticity
  • One day you look in the mirror and realize that time, gravity, sun exposure and heredity have taken a toll and you simply do not look like yourself any more.

Mid Face Lift

Dr. Nageshwari Sharma also undertakes mid face lift technique for their clients that involves incision below the lower Eye lashes and raising the Skin. This procedure can improve the look of the Cheekbones, refresh the hollows of the lower eyes, soften smile lines, and lift the corners of the mouth.

Compared to a traditional Facelift, the Mid-Face Lift is a shorter operation with a much quicker recovery time. When performed skillfully, a Mid-Face Lift will deliver a natural


Profile Correction

Dr. Nageshwari Sharma also undertakes mid face lift technique for their clients that involves incision below the lower Eye lashes and raising the Skin. This procedure can improve the look of the Cheekbones, refresh the hollows of the lower eyes, soften smile lines, and lift the corners of the mouth.

Along with the Nose Correction, Chin enhancement, cheek bone enhancement can be done to improve profile. This is done with implants that are FDA approved implants.

Chin implant are put through incision in the mouth & cheek implants are put through incision either in the mouth or below lower Eyelid lashes. This surgery is done under general Anesthesia, patients can go home the same day. Sutures are removed in five to seven days. Exercises can be safety resumed in 3 weeks.


Rejuvenation of Face with Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is a good procedure in facial Rejuvenation planning. It is a versatile procedure where fat from the other parts are transferred to Rejuvenate the looks and are used at many places like Breast Augmentation, Buttock Augmentation, scars coverage.

The benefits of Fat Grafting via injection are well established; these include correcting facial imperfections and adding volume with a non-Allergenic, Autologous material (i.e. from the patient's own body). It can be used as fillers to increase facial volume Aesthetics.

Fat transfer aims to rejuvenate the face by enhancing the volume, altering the contours and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It helps to restore the fullness of the facial tissues that is lost with aging. It has also been shown to improve the quality of the skin and the texture of the skin.

Facial rejuvenation with fat transfer is used commonly in areas such as the cheeks, lips, eyelids, temples and for wrinkles around the mouth (Marionette lines, Nasolabial lines). The Fat is taken from any areas on your body where you have extra fat.

The most common areas for taking the fat are the abdomen, thighs and love handles. The fat is used as natural filler. It is donated from your body and transferred back into your body so there is no risk of disease Transmission or Rejection.



Rhinoplasty is the Surgery to change the shape of the nose. It enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your Nose to improve aesthetics. Nose that are plump or wide are corrected by Rhinoplasty so that the Patient has the better Face.

It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose. Rhinoplasty Surgery can change nose size in relation to facial balance. Shapes like Parrot Nose, Long Nose, Broad Nose, Small Nose all can be corrected by adding or altering nasal framework.

After numbing the area, the surgeon makes incisions to access the bones and cartilage that support the Nose. The incisions are usually made inside the nose so that they are invisible after the Surgery.

Depending on the desired result, the bone and the Cartilagenous structures are altered. After the surgeon, has rearranged and reshaped the Bone and Cartilage, the skin and tissue is Redraped over the structure of the nose.

A splint is placed outside the Nose to support the new shape of the nose as it heals. Wide nasal orifices can also be trimmed to desired sizes. The Patients goes home the same day splint is removed on day seven along with stitches. Result is seen in one month.

  • Tip grafts made of cartilage can be used to remodel the tip of your nose, making it more uplifted, longer, shorter, or thinner.
  • Your skin and other soft tissues will remodel to assume the shape of the underlying structure.
  • In some patients, tissue fillers or fat grafts can be added to increase volume in desired areas.


A brow lift or forehead lift reverses the effects of gravity and tightens the soft tissues of the forehead to restore a more youthful contour to your forehead skin, upper eyelids and eyebrows. There are various brow-lift methods, which involve different length incisions in different locations and, sometimes, an endoscope.

A youthful brow at rest is positioned above the orbital rim, with a gradual arch laterally, and the lateral end or 'tail' of the brow located higher than the medial end. As one ages, it is common for the brow to assume a flat or horizontal position. If a sagging brow inhibits your facial expression, a brow lift is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the upper third of your face.

When to Consider a Brow Lift
  • Sagging or low eyebrow position creates a tired, sad or grumpy appearance
  • You have deep horizontal creases across the forehead
  • You have frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows or across the top of your nose
  • You have excess skin or fatty tissue hanging over your eyes

How is a brow lift procedure performed?

Brow-lift procedures have evolved from open techniques to more complex short incision and endoscopic techniques. A brow lift usually involves incisions in the hair-bearing scalp, but sometimes incisions are made in the forehead and/or the upper eyelids.

Women Eyelid

Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes eyes look tired because of excess skin or puffiness in the Upper or Lower Eyelids. Hooded upper eyelid may also be because of Thyroid & Age. These can be corrected by Blepharoplasty Surgery.

For Upper Eyelid surgery: Excess skin of fatty issue are removed through an incision in the natural upper Eyelid Crease & a fold of Skin & Pockets of fat is removed. Scars heal rapidly & are barely visible. This gives a youthful & bright Eyes.

For Lower Eyelid: Incision is taken in the natural lower eyelid crease. Excess Skin & Pockets of fat is removed. It may be combined with Canthopexy to tighten lower Eyelid if it is lax.
Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery is performed either independently or together Under Local or General Anesthesia. Can go home the same day with Antibiotic Drops or Ointments to Eye & Goggles to wear. Wounds heal in seven days. Can return to works in seven days. expression, a brow lift is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the upper third of your face.

Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

Dimples on face are quite adorable and attractive the best way to create Dimples in someone who does not have them is by a short, Surgical procedure that can be performed in the office under a local Anesthetic.

The location of the Dimples is determined together with your at a desired place on check. A small incision is made at inside of check of a small chunk of muscle is removed and overlying skin & muscle are stitched together.


Ear Reshaping

Ear Shaping or Otoplasty is the process of altering the shape of the human Ear(s), altered congenitally due to birth defects or by Burns & Trauma. It is effective for correcting a Childs protruding ears or absent Ears.